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Web Design

We will use our knowledge and experience to design and build your website to a high standard. Having a good online presence will put you ahead of your competitors and increase your company's potential.

Online Brochures

We shoot with the highest resolution cameras on the market. We also have a fully portable wireless studio setup to easily create the optimum lighting at your location.

business cards
Business Cards

Impress your clients with the highest quality business cards available in Vancouver - full colour + double sided. We offer a range of finishes; Hi-Gloss, Semi Gloss and NEW! Silk Aqueous.

Sell Online
Web Design

We will use our knowledge and experience to design and build your website to a high standard. Having a good online presence will put you ahead of your competitors and increase your company's potential.

What Our Customers Say

The end result of the website was excellent, and in addition to that I was especially pleased with how easy it was to work with i-newmedia. They instantly understood what we were looking for, come up with great ideas along the way and completed the project effectively without any complications.
- Richard Meurlin (Sua Sookapap)

Thanks for such a fantastic website, it has brought us new clients and improved our business.
- Stanley Smith (Soames Clocks)

I was impressed with your overall professionalism and the quality of your work.
- Amber Rothrock, Editor (Illogical Muse Magazine)

Your photography and insights are both captivating and enlightening
– John Michaeli (Panraven Inc)

Thank you very much for your excellent work.
– Guy Chew (Salathai Restaurant)
News Articles

Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Service

A web design service plays an imperative role in every business objective aiming to reach a target audience globally and generate potential leads. A professional web design company not only specializes in building an impressive and a user friendly website but also undertakes the task of promoting it on the World Wide Web...[read more]

Websites For Businesses

Do you have a website for your business? If not, then you are omitted some very barely credible opportunities. How you can resolve this is by looking into web design so that you can have the website that is going to boost your earning possibilities. If you still not persuaded that website design is important...[read more]

Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO

Research shows that some researchers never click on the sponsored listings and others don't realize that these links are paid for. Approximately 80% of clicks are on natural listings and 20% on paid listings. A principal benefit of SEO is its cost-effectiveness as there is no payment to the search engine...[read more]
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Website Design
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Getting yourself onto internet has been most important thing for any business in the recent years. Without putting yourself on the internet, means you are losing prospect, losing your market share, failed to generate new lead, and when all your competitors are up on the internet, where will be your business?

These days with practically every company having a website, it is just dosen't cut it anymore to try and cut corners and get a friend's child who played around with the internet a few times to knock something up. If you are serious about giving your brand and company image a professional look and leave the lasting impression on your clients which ultimately keeps them coming back, then let a company such as ours with years of experience and knowledge in the field help push your business forwards. And once we have finished the perfect design to suit your needs, we can refer you to reputable VPS Web Hosting services to further the success of your site.

web design portfolio

Social Media
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Social Media has taken the internet by storm. Internet users spend thousands of hours on websites such as facebook, twitter and youtube. You need to tap into this huge market and make yourself visible using PR & media to your advantage.

You should be taking advantage of all these free social networks (in addition to your own website). However, with so much competition, it is simply not enough to add a free basic account. People want to see something different, something cool, something exciting.

Custom Pages - We can help you by creating a fully customized facebook / twitter / youtube page which looks and feels just like your brand.

Website Integration - We can integrate your facebook / twitter / youtube page into your website, giving your viewers info and letting them interact with features they are already so familar with.

This is a cost effective and invaluable way to increase your online presense.

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Having high class imagery to showcase your business services and brand is of huge importance to leave a lasting impression on your potential clients.

Our custom photography will give your business or project the head start it deserves. Producing photography of the highest quality is of prime importance to us, which we will work with you to achieve.

We have our own in house experienced professional photographers who shoot with the highest resolution Canon cameras on the market and wide range of professional grade lenses. We also have the ability to provide a fully portable wireless studio setup to easily create the optimum lighting at your location.

photography portfolio

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Having an e-commerce online web store enables you to sell products directly to your clients.

You can all of a sudden be offering your service 24hrs a day 7 days a week and to a much larger target market.

The direct cost-of-sale for an order taken from a web site is lower than through traditional means (retail, paper based), as there is no human interaction during the on-line electronic purchase order process. The process is faster and more convenient for the visitor. Once you are setup, an important benefit of Ecommerce is that it is the cheapest means of doing business.

An eCommerce store that is an extension of a physical storefront is a great way to boost overall business sales and potentially increase company profits across the board. Companies who already do business from a physical location are typically unaware of how much more they could be making if only they were to expand into their Online marketplaces.

Business Cards
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Impress your clients, friends and even your mother in law with the best quality business cards available.

We offer printing service and also full design service. For prices on business card design please click the link below.

business card portfolio

HTML Code Building
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This is relitavley low cost service we offer specifically to graphic designers and design houses who design layouts and need them built into a finsihed HTML browser ready product.

The HTML code is carefully written from scratch in such a way that it is optimized for faster page loading and cross browser friendly. Drag and drop web design programms such as Dreamweaver do not take into account and add huge amounts of unnecessary code, slowing down browsing and often adding bugs and glitches.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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Having your website search engine optimized will make your website search engine and google friendly, greatly increase its rankings in search engines and therefore increasing your website hits from potential clients.

The following key objectives will be completed to achieve SEO for your website :-
  • In depth keyword research
  • Re-coding internal and external links
  • Adding rewrite engine to code to redirect all variations of the homepage url to your website
  • Adding Meta Data (Tags, description, keywords) – All in line with previous keyword research
  • Re-writing and adding page content to optimize keyword recognition
  • Correcting transitional code validation errors
  • Adding links page to similar businesses if needed
  • Adding website to main search engines (including google, yahoo, msn + more)

Logo Design
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Having a good logo is possible the most important thing when starting your business to solidify your company brand.

We have an in house design team who will evaluate your company objective, your market sector and carry out cutting edge design to ensure your potential clients remeber you.

Database Systems
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Information is power! For your business to grow, you need to keep track of sales, leads, client details etc.

How about if you could easily print off a graph showing profit and turnover by the month or year, export a list of all your potential clients email address to send an ebulletin out to, manage your stock levels with a few simple clicks..... the list of practical possibilities goes on.

Once your database is up and running, the time it will save and the power of information it will produce for your tracking and business development will blow your mind!